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Organic Farming

In recent years organic farming has grown dramatically in the countries of the European Union. Especially in Spain, France and the United Kingdom, which have been the countries most new hectares have been dedicated to organic crop production. That the European Union has some active producers is logical, as is the market for organic food and drink most of the world, although in recent years North America is behind them. It is estimated that sales in the EU organic food are over 12 billion per year.


That the European Union there are large areas of organic farming, does not mean that all member states to behave the same. While Germany is a major consumer and producer, there are countries like Spain, which have more acres of organic crops but consume less. Any surplus of the EU organic farming and products of higher added value, are meant for export to neighboring countries markets and interest in certain European organic food.

The main organic crops for the international sale are fruit and fresh and processed vegetables, nuts, coffee, tea, cocoa, herbs and spices, oilseeds and their derivatives, sweeteners, grains, pulses, processed foods and not intended for human consumption such as concentrated animal feed, seeds, cotton, cut flowers and plants.

The driving force behind the implementation of organic crop farms, has been the demand of consumers, mainly Europeans and Americans in search of a healthier diet, natural and environmentally friendly. The main obstacle is having the extra abuse and some traders put the food from organic farming with the confusion that are generating the large number of organizations and denominations inspectors in each country receives the term "organic" (bio, biological, organic, etc.)..

Gradually these barriers disappear as people learn and recognize organic food and largely thanks to the work of FAO and IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) together with the work culturizante that the media are performing.

For this reason we believe that organic farming can be made at home will bring satisfaction to taste their own produce grown by you, from choosing the seeds, compost or soil on which to develop its culture.

We advise you how to start organic farming in their home without any prior knowledge of gardening, harvest their tomatoes, lettuce or other horticultural products you want with excellent results, make no mistake cultivate organic products is not as complicated and expensive as it seems, is something cheaper and easier to maintain, we will advise you at no extra cost to you, all you need is our winter vegetable prepared with the water you want and all products are included in the greenhouse.


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